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The New Life Project

A Partnership Venture Between Gospel Center Rescue Mission And Local Performing Artists In San Joaquin County To Raise Funds And Awareness For The Homeless. 

Introducing "ONE Worship"!

As a part of the "Church To The Rescue" campaign where we are inviting congregations throughout the county to join us in the long-term restoration of the homeless in San Joaquin County, the Gospel Center Rescue Mission is currently recruiting worship musicians from within the county to-the-rescue to participate in the next New Life Project called "ONE Worship". "ONE Worship" is an abbreviation of "ONE(church under one name with one heart of) Worship" and we are asking artists to create original compositions in dedication to the homeless as one community. Once you or a worship musician that you know has completed a composition to submit, we ask that you please click here to e-mail us for further information and instructions. We are very excited about the impact that this project will have in impacting the lives of homeless men, women and children as well as churches throughout the county!

"Moving Forward" Featuring Rebecca Goldsmith - A Benefit Recording - $10

Moving Forward Cover

After the success of our first benefit CD compilation, "The New Life Project-Songs Of Brokenness & Healing", we invited one of the featured artists from that recording, Rebecca Goldsmith to return as a solo artist and collaborate on a second benefit recording with all-original material written and co-produced by Rebecca. “The New Life Project Presents-Moving Forward” is a music statement that reflects her spiritual journey that mirrors so many of the homeless that come through our doors. “Moving Forward” is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & Google Play and other electronic outlets. “Moving Forward” is for sale on CD for mail-order as well as available for you to pick-up today at select outlets and here at Gospel Center Rescue Mission. You can watch a short film and other videos for "Moving Forward" here Contact us to find out for more information on how to purchase this recording now. 100% of the proceeds helps the homeless here at Gospel Center Rescue Mission!

"Songs of Brokenness & Healing" - A Benefit Recording - $10

The New Life Project is a partnership venture between Gospel Center Rescue Mission and local recording artists to raise funds and awareness for the homeless."Songs Of Brokenness & Healing" compilation is our first benefit recording featuring some of Stockton's most talented singers, songwriters, musicians and performers united by a common faith and conviction expressed in their inspirational art that speaks to the brokenness and celebrates the hope of new life experienced by the homeless at Gospel Center Rescue Mission every day. Visit Amazon, iTunes or click here for more information on this benefit recording. Contact us or click here to purchase this on CD now!

Arts To The Rescue

Visual artist Randy Smith was inspired by the music of "Songs of Brokenness & Healing" and expressed that inspiration with a mural in our campus courtyard. You can watch the story of his inspiration here. Will you join us in restoring the homeless who are broken with the hope of healing! The New Life Project is only one of many ways to help. We want to mobilize, equip, empower and partner with you to bring resources of hope to rescue the homeless and addicted in our community. Since this is a partnership, we want to listen to your ideas on how you would like to partner with us in impacting lives of the homeless in your area. Don't know where to begin? Below are options on how YOU can begin to rescue the homeless RIGHT NOW. Thanks again for joining us. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions or for any assistance.

"Rescue The Homeless" Action Guide

Rescue the Homeless

Since 1940, we have offered opportunities for you to volunteer with and donate to us. As we are moving forward we are looking to build on those two very essential aspects of help to further broaden our impact. We can't do that with YOU. We have new exciting ways for you partner with us. We have designed a one-stop resource for you to take action to impact lives of the homeless. We believe that in order to help rescue the homeless all you need is the desire to "do something". If you are willing, we have a something for you. Click here to begin!